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How to Verify PayPal in Pakistan
How to Verify PayPal in Pakistan

How to Verify Paypal in Pakistan 2017

PayPal in Pakistan

PayPal is an e-currency based company that provides an avenue for payment processing, as well as sending and receiving money. PayPal in Pakistan, PayPal is not allowed officially In Pakistan so Pakistani person are worried about to take payment from Clients or other companies like Fiverr Or Freelancer. Don’t worry today i am going to tell you how you can verify USA PayPal in Pakistan.

Requirements for PayPal Verification

1. USA Person Real Information (From Fullz)

2. USA VCC (  )

3. USA Mobile Number (How to Get USA Mobile Number)

4. Fresh Email.

Procedure for How to Create PayPal in Pakistan

1. First of You need Fullz Real Information of Person.
2. Create New Email with Real Name of Person given by Fullz.
3. Go to PayPal and Create Person Account with Name of Person given by Fullz.
4. Now go to Email and Verify your PayPal account Registration.
5. Now Put your USA Phone number and Verify your mobile Number.
6. Make VCC should be created with Real information of Person given by Fullz.
7. Put VCC information to link card – How to get USA VCC for PayPal Verification
8. Limitation is a effect at which you can not send or receive money but your PayPal account is still active. 
9. Now upgrade Your account to Business level to avoid limitation effect.
10. Take a local USA Company (Which has no Website) to upgrade account at Business Level.
11. Use Name of owner given by Fullz.
12. After that put your security Questions.
13. Here we go, Now, You have your own USA verified PayPal account in Pakistan.

If you need any Help Please Comment Below.

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  1. If Paypal requires number verification after some time than how to verify number again?

    • You should use TextNow premium account to active your number for a year. 🙂 There are also method to get free textnow free premium account. 😉

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