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What is Link Karma and How to Gain link Karma on Reddit

What is Link Karma and How to Gain Link Karma on Reddit

What is Link Karma

As you know about Facebook likes at your Post same as Reddit Link Karma works. In Reddit Link Karma Received from each Up Vote. Approximately one up vote gives you one Link Karma but down vote decrease your Link Karma also.


What is Link Karma on Reddit

How to Gain Link Karma on Reddit

Link karma is Most Important to engage peoples to your posts same as in Facebook. As every person desire to increase Link karma on Reddit. So, Here are some steps to increase or gain Link Karma on Reddit.

1. Some Important Part

First of all Create account with name of English man and after creation of account you have to want for 1 week. After 1 week start work on Reddit account.

2. Choose Famous Sub-Reddit

Famous Sub-Reddit means are those Sub-Reddit which have a lot of subscribers. So, Choose Famous Sub-Reddit like Aww, Gifs, Pics, Funny Pics these sub-Reddit have much subscribers.

You can also Check Sub-Reddit list and Subscribers of Sub-Reddit here Reddit List

Subreddit with Subscribers

3. Subreddit Post

Search pics and Gifs related to your subreddit. Prefer in Funny subreddit Pics must be funny. In Cat subreddit pics should related to Cat. After selection of pics. Now check how many times this pics is posted on Reddit.

Here you can check pics posting times Karma Decay

In Karma Decay You have to paste your pic URL and then click on search which show you how many time this pic is posted On Reddit or not.

Karma Decay

4. Title of Post Should be On Reddit

title of post on reddit

After Selection of pics title is most important part of Post. Title of Post should be attractive so that users or Peoples will Read your post because Title of post impact Negative or Positive Impression on User.

Some Title Examples are

examples title of post on Reddit

5. Comment On Post Or Gain Comment Karma

As you have posted pic in Subreddit, Someone will read your post. He/She will has some positive or Negative Reviews about your Post/pic. He/She will show his/her reviews in comment box. You have to give him/her up vote at comment and then satisfied him/her about post/pic. Reply of his/her comment will help you to gain Comment Karma. What is Comment Karma ?

How to Gain Link Karma Second Method.

First of All you have to know about What is link karma.

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